Key Packs are coming to Madden Ultimate Team!

Greetings Ultimate Team fans! I’m Joe Alread, Designer for Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT as we like to call it. Today I’d like to talk about a new pack we’ll be giving to players as a reward for accomplishing certain achievements throughout the mode.

The new pack is called a “Key Pack”. Why do you care about Key Packs, you ask? The short answer is because key packs will contain some of the most valuable cards in the game that players will want to get their hands on.

The long answer is a lot more complicated, but that’s ok because I’ve got all the details. First things first, Key Packs can only be acquired through achievements inside of MUT, they cannot be bought from the store. Each individual Key Pack contains one random key card.

What are key cards, you ask? There are lots of cool things to talk about when it comes to key cards. Not only are many of these cards powerful, but they also reflect interesting personas of some of your favorite stars, both past and present. Did you ever think you’d see Steve Young in a Buccaneers jersey on a MUT card? You’ll find him here, if you are lucky enough, out of a Key Pack.

Key cards are also required in numerous collections that when completed will grant the player access to the most powerful legends in the game. Think Shannon Sharpe or Deion Sanders with awesome boosts. Completing these collections won’t be easy, but the path to Ultimate Team glory never has been.

Let’s talk about a few other things to note regarding Key Packs. All cards in key packs are fully tradable and auctionable. Got a duplicate or something that isn’t that valuable to you? You better believe these key cards will be going for a pretty penny on the auction house. Or perhaps you’ll be able to find someone to trade with in order to get the key card you need to complete whatever collection you’re currently working on?

At launch, you’ll be able to acquire a Key Pack every time you complete a team collection or regular season solo challenge sequence. Throughout the year we’ll be introducing new ways to acquire these packs, as well as adding new and exciting key cards into the pack as well.

At launch, there will be a total of 38 key cards that can be found in Key Packs. 32 of these key cards will be a player from each NFL team required to complete that team’s collection. The last 6 cards will be unique legendary cards that are required to complete that legend’s unique collection (which will in turn reward you the coolest cards in all of MUT).

We hope you’re as excited about the upcoming NFL season as we are. I look forward to seeing and playing your Ultimate Team in-game!


Joe Alread


Madden Ultimate Team