Hockey Ultimate Team – What are Rare Items?

What is a Rare Item?

Rare items, simply put, are items (players, jerseys, training, etc.) that are less common than others.


What Does a Rare Item Look Like?

Each item category in Hockey Ultimate Team contains rare and common items. Visually, you can tell that an item is rare by the distinguishable sheen around the border of the item.


How to Get Rare Items

For the greatest chance at rare items in HUT, it’s important to balance pack purchases with auction house savvy:

First, let’s talk about opening packs. Packs such as the Gold Premium Jumbo pack and Mega Packs provide the best value if you’re looking for rare items, specifically high-end players. Next time you open a pack, note the number of guaranteed high-end players. Special packs such as the all Player Premium Pack contain only player items and are the best way to increase team depth.

If you open a pack and you don’t get the exact player you want, you can always take your unwanted items from your collection to the Auction House. Savvy players will sell unwanted items to build up their Puck Collection or trade up the ladder to eventually get the missing piece of the puzzle for their team.

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