Halls of EA - Ghost Games Edition

Need for Speed fans might be familiar with development studios like Black Box and Criterion working on the franchise, but not with Ghost Games. The developers at Ghost Games will be using their talent to bring you the ultimate rivalry in the recently announced Need for Speed Rivals, and we wanted to give you the chance to know them better. We have interviews with the development team and a sneak peek into this newest studio located in Sweden's largest city, Gothenburg. 

Name: Tatyana Dyshlova 
Title: Development Director
Other titles worked on: Forza Motorsport 3 + 4
Favorite new feature on NFS Rivals: All Drive
Favorite NFS car to drive: Aston Martin one-77


Name: Sarah St. Pier
Title: Development Manager
Other titles worked on: MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, MotorStorm: Apocalypse, MotorStorm: RC
Favorite new feature on NFS Rivals: Seamless multiplayer: no more messing about when trying to play games with my friends.
Favorite NFS car to drive: Koenigsegg Agera R!


Name: John Carter
Title: Lead Technical Artist
Other titles worked on: Destruction Derby (Raw/Arena), F1 (99-2001), Battlefield 2 (Modern Combat), The Club, PGR4, James Bond (Bloodstone), Blur.  
Cop or racer: COP
Favorite location from NFS series: Olympic City


Name:  Johan Leijon
Title: Senior Software Engineer
Other titles worked on:  Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Terminator,  Race and Race 07-series.
Cop or racer:  Cop! My favorite style of playing is to use power and aggression to take out other players.
Old school or drifting: Definitively drifting. The feeling you get when you do perfect drift through a corner by balancing the throttle, steering and brakes is incredible.


Ghost Games—like DICE—boasts a beautiful, modern office that fosters creativity. The studio was, in its creators' words, “founded on the core principles of excellence, fun, and respect." It has an open floor plan that invites open meetings among its staff (it is also not uncommon to see people meeting for fika, which is the Swedish word for coffee break). Take the photo tour below.  

This high tech security gate protects the Ghost Games secrets.

Welcome to Ghost Games.


Beautiful Gothenburg as seen from the studio's rooftop balcony.

  The view of the Ghost Games cafeteria before the stampede of hungry developers.

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