The Road to E3

As you may already know, the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo is just a scant few days away, and EA is going big, dishing out the info on some of your most-anticipated games like Battlefield 3 or Mass Effect 3, with explosive information coming straight from our friends on the LA Convention Center show floor. With that in mind, we’ll also be joining the party, offering our Gun Club fans some extra goodies leading up to the show.

To celebrate the impending E3 festivities, Gun Club will be holding daily giveaways leading up to the first day of the show. That’s right! Starting this Tuesday, May 31, Gun Club will be giving away download codes to several games from the Gun Club roster for one week, leading up to the start of the 2011 E3 Expo. We’ll be continuing these giveaways until the show starts on Tuesday, June 7, when we’ll let the spotlight shine on all of the amazing upcoming games and the new details arriving straight from the show floor.

How exactly will you be able to get a chance to score some free goodies? We’ll be posting updates throughout the week on the Gun Club Facebook Page, telling you precisely how to be the lucky recipient of these great giveaways! Five days of giveaways, three days of the world’s biggest video game show, and dozens of lucky winners – all this for you, our lovely Gun Club fans. We’ll see you when things kick off this Tuesday!

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