Fight Night Champion Starter Kit

Fight Night Champion Starter Kit

Now that Fight Night Champion is upon us, we’ve assembled this Starter Kit for those of you too busy, too overwhelmed or too far under a rock the past few months to consume all of the great stories, videos and other tidbits about the game.

If you’re finally ready to commit to the finest boxing game available for PS3 and Xbox360 then hustle yourself on over to get a copy ( For those of you who still need convincing and want to go through the pre-fight hype process, read on.

Who’s in this Game?

The roster of boxers is everything to a Fight Night title because there are literally thousands of men throughout history who’ve laced them up and stepped in the ring as professional fighters. Everybody from Butterbean to Zab Judah is included in Fight Night Champion so take a look and see if your favorite boxer is included.


She’s in the Game

Action star Eliza Dushku plays a major role in Fight Night Champion’s Champion Mode. This story mode plays like a movie so we needed a big time Hollywood star to complete the package. She even laces up the gloves in this one.


Fight Music

The look of Fight Night Champion meshes perfectly with the sound of the game thanks to the carefully curated soundtrack. The Roots headline a killer lineup of tunes that creates an undeniable texture to the whole experience.


On the Sticks

The controls are different yet should feel so familiar to veterans of previous Fight Night games. This time around we’re giving you simplified moves with Full Spectrum Punch Control which leads to a greater variety of punches. The overhand bombs are devastating, trust us.


Who Made this Thing?

Go back to the beginning, last summer, when the hard working folks at EA SPORTS introduced themselves and the concept of the game we now know as Fight Night Champion. Because good things don’t come out of thin air and sometimes those credits just roll too fast.

Bloody Hell

Yeah we know this is the video that pretty much sealed the deal for fight fans out there and made you say “gimme this!” That’s what we said anyway the first time we saw the Authentic Brutality trailer.


The Drama

Champion Mode plays so much like a movie, we just had to have a dramatic trailer to set things up. Pop some popcorn and enjoy this Hollywood caliber teaser.