Title Update to be Released with DLC

I just wanted to start off with a huge thanks to our rabid fighting & gaming community for their constant feedback on the official Fight Night Champion Forums.  The developers have been reading the feedback non-stop and working on getting out the first Title Update to coincide with the DLC package set to launch at the same time.  We are still looking at locking down the exact release date and we’ll be sure to share that with you once that has been determined. 

As far as the Title Update is concerned, based on feedback from the community, here are some of the following adjustments that will be made:

Punch Accuracy Reduction:  Overall accuracy will be reduced and accuracy tracking a moving target will be reduced. Users will notice lower connect percentages and a better ability to use head movement defensively.

Hit Reactions Intensity Increased:  Bigger hit reactions across the board and increased punch offsetting – i.e. punches thrown off target when a boxer is hit in the act of punching.

Combination Punching Adjustments:  Bigger difference in combination speed between boxers with low and high Combination Skill rating.

Improved Weave Input Detection:  Reduced the instance of weaves happening unintentionally.

Health Loss Adjustment:  Regular punches do more damage and combination punching is more effective.

Stamina Recovery Adjustment:  Less stamina recovered between rounds.

Perfect Block Counter Window Disabled:  Pending simultaneous release of Tuner Set.

Opponent Counter Freeze:  Fixed a bug where the a Perfect Block would sometimes freeze the opponent’s inputs.

Late Guard:  Fixed a bug where the guard went back up late if you threw more than one punch out of the block.


Please note that we are investigating pushing out a Tuner Set at the same time as the TU along with further game improvements, so please continue to provide your feedback in our forums.  We hope that you’ll be pleased with the hard work the team is putting in post-launch.  Thanks!