Getting to Know: Eddie Lacy

The NCAA Football Cover Vote is down to just four semifinalists, and EA SPORTS will be interviewing each candidate in the coming days.

For our second interview, we sat down with former Alabama Crimson Tide running back Eddie Lacy, who gave us some insight on what it meant to play for the nation's most dominant program.

EA: How was it playing for Alabama?

EL: Playing for Alabama is one of the best experiences you ever get to have. I was there four years, and loved all the time I spent there. Going out onto the field on those Saturday nights, you get a sense of comfort. And at the same time, you get a lot of rage and desire to go out and hit someone, play hard and give the fans something to watch.

EA: What are a few words you would use to describe Alabama fans?

EL: They are wild and loud. They do whatever comes to mind to help us win the game.

EA: What is the number one tradition of Alabama football?

EL: “Roll Tide.” I look at that like a greeting, like if you meet somebody or finish talking to somebody. It is basically a greeting that you can use at any time.

EA: What does the Iron Bowl mean to you?

EL: The Iron Bowl is a very big game in the state of Alabama. It is played with two teams who from the same stage that are enormous rivals The state is split in half between Alabama and Auburn. We play it for the program, for the fans and it is a game that everybody wants to win.

EA: Is there a bigger rivalry in the country than the Iron Bowl?

EL: No I don’t think so. It doesn’t get any bigger than the Iron Bowl.

EA: In your opinion, Alabama is the best football school because…

EL: Because of our tradition, our conference, and the standards that we hold ourselves to.

Lacy stomped Notre Dame for 140 yards and two TDs in the Tide's 2013 BCS National Championship win.

EA: Why did you decide to go to Alabama?

EL: I knew it would be a great place for me to showcase my talent. I would be able to play there for four years, and then be able to live my dream and go to the NFL.

EA: What do your National Championships mean to you?

EL: They mean a lot. You put in a lot of hard work and you come out on day one, hoping to play for the National Championship and win. There is a lot of blood, sweat and tears that go into that and when you can go through a whole season and accomplish your goal, it really means a lot.

EA: What would you say about the coaching legacies of Bear Bryant and Nick Saban?

EL: They are both determined coaches that had a plan and stuck to it. They are very disciplined, no-nonsense coaches. Whatever they say, whatever they want, they are going to get, and they demand it from their players. They are also going to get the best players to get the job done.

EA: How would you describe a Saturday on Alabama’s campus?

EL: The fans come out, tailgate, and take over the whole quad and stadium. They are out there having a great time while waiting for us to play.

EA: Tell me about your mascot, Big Al.

EL: Big Al is out at every game and at pep rally events. He is an icon for us. Fans like to interact with him, and he does that as well.

EA: What’s the best memory you have playing for the Crimson Tide?

EL: Winning the MVP in the SEC Championship against Georgia. It was a hard-fought game. Just to be the offensive MVP in a tough game like that is one of the moments I will always remember.

Many thanks to Eddie Lacy for his time and good luck to him in the NCAA Football Cover Vote!

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