Getting to Know: Denard Robinson

The NCAA Football Cover Vote is down to just four semifinalists, and EA SPORTS will be interviewing each candidate in the coming days.

For our third interview, we sat down with former Michigan Wolverines quarterback Denard "Shoelace" Robinson, who gave us some insight on what it meant to play for college football's all-time winningest program.

EA: What comes to your mind when you think of Michigan Football?

DR: Michigan – Home of “The Big House,” 110,000 fans, the Block M, 42 Big Ten Championships, 11 National Championships, three Heisman winners and more than 900 wins.

EA: What does your fight song mean to you?

DR: It means everything. Every game, we want to be singing that fight song because if you’re signing it, that means you won. That means a lot to the team and to Michigan, and that fight song is a big part of our tradition. We are the “most winningest” team in the United States in college football. We have more than 900 wins.  

EA: What is it like playing in “The Big House”?

DR: Every Saturday, you will come to the Big House and there will be 110,000 fans screaming and ready. We have a tunnel with one way in and one way out. Coming down and touching that banner is a tradition for Michigan football. When you get to the edge of the tunnel and you wait for the cue to go out, you see that banner and you see the fans screaming, ready for you to come out. Once you touch that banner, you know it’s game time.

EA: Who is the best Michigan player of all-time?

DR: I’m not going to say myself but we have some really good ones. We have Charles Woodson, Desmond Howard and Tom Harmon. Those are three Heisman Trophy winners right there.  

Robinson holds the NCAA record for most rushing yards by a quarterback with a whopping 4,495.

EA: Do you know the story behind your helmets?

DR: We have one of the most unique helmets in college football. We have the wing helmets, and that is one of the things everybody thinks of with Michigan Football.

EA: What made you choose to go to Michigan?

DR: The “Big House”, the fans, the loyalty, the tradition, the school, the campus and the people.   

EA: Can you talk a little bit about Coach Bo Schembechler?

DR: Bo Schembechler is the ideal Michigan man. He is one of the faces of our program, and always will be. The facility we work out in is named after him. We go in there every day and see that picture of Bo Schembechler, and it’s hard-nosed football. You know what everyone demands from you when you walk into that building.

EA: Talk about your rivalry with Ohio State…

DR: Michigan vs. Ohio (State) is a big-time rivalry, it’s a war. It is Blue vs. Red, Good vs. Evil. Every time you step on that field, you know you have to strap it on a little tighter and play a little more physical. You have to be ready to compete and be ready to play every snap.

EA: How are Ohio State’s fans compared to Michigan’s?

DR: Michigan has the best fans ever. We have 110,000 every Saturday, so they can’t compete with us. Ohio doesn’t have a chance to compete against us.  

Many thanks to Denard Robinson for his time and good luck to him in the NCAA Football Cover Vote!

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