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Hello, everyone. This is Christian Brandt, designer for EA SPORTS Country Clubs in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14. Country Clubs return this year with new features that allow you to stay connected with members anywhere in the game, and compete in more ways than ever before.

This year, we increased the amount of members that can join a Country Club from 25 to 100 members. We received a lot of feedback that players were unable to join their friend’s clubs because they were already full. With our increased cap to 100, you’ll now have the ability to create some very competitive Club Tournaments.

Club Chat

The all-new Club Chat will allow members to chat with each one another from anywhere in the game. After the start screen, you can quickly join your club’s chat by opening the chat session window and then choosing to create or join your club’s chat. 

Now you will be able to speak with your club members no matter where they are located in game. One member could be in the LPGA Tour Career mode and another in Legends of the Majors while they discuss which course they should choose for their next club tournament. We also added tournament chats so that you can join a chat with other gamers playing in the same Connected Tournament — a great way to meet new friends to join your Country Club.

Club vs. Club Leaderboards

Every Connected Tournament can now double as a Club Tournament! Not only can players compete individually to win a live tournament, but now every tournament will also crown a Country Club champion. When multiple members of the same club participate in the same tournament, their tournament scores will be averaged together and ranked against other clubs. In each tournament played, your club will need to submit a minimum number of round scores or your club’s overall tournament score will incur a scoring penalty. 

For example, say the tournament above is set to a minimum of three submitted scores, and only two club members have submitted scores to create a club average of -4.00. Since the club did not meet the minimum, they will incur a two-stroke penalty to reduce to -2.00 (See Club Mangy Viper IV above). If your club submits more than the three required scores, we only take the top three best scores submitted for the club.

Creating Connected Club Tournaments on the Web

Similar to last year, players can create their very own Custom Club Tournament. Once in game, you will be able to play with up to 24 members at a time in created tournaments (more than 24 can play in the tournament, but you can only see up to 23 other arcs on a hole).  You do not have to sit in a lobby and wait until everyone is ready. Just load into the tournament and start playing. Anyone that joins into the tournament and is on the same hole will see each other’s shot arcs. If you want to wait for someone to catch up, we added an all-new spectator mode that allows you to toggle through various cameras to help pass the time.

Country Club Tour

The Country Club Tour pits players against similarly ranked members of other Country Clubs. You will be eligible to participate in one of five different events each week (Champions, Pros, Assistant Pros, Amateurs, and Members) based on your weekly rank within your Country Club. So if you’re ranked as an Assistant Pro for your club, then you will be eligible to participate in the Assistant Pro tournament. Tour earnings will be tracked monthly, as well as overall. Each month, we will crown both an individual and Country Club champion. Keep in mind that you will earn more Status Points towards your overall Club Tour ranking by playing in higher ranked tournaments.

Club Loyalty Bonus

This year, we have added a new Club Loyalty Bonus feature, which rewards players for competing in consecutive days. Each day, a Streak Average is calculated for your club based on the number of club members in the club and their login streak. At the end of each day - depending on the Streak Average - each member that contributed Status Points will receive a coin reward. The higher the Streak Average for the club, the more coins players receive. So clubs must work together to get the best rewards. Your club will need at least five members to activate the Club Loyalty Bonus feature.

Country Club Presentation Stats

During a round of golf, you will now see Country Club statistics streamed into the game via banners and load screens between holes. You will be updated on individual, weekly, and lifetime stats earned for your Club, comparisons versus Club members, and your Club’s ranking. Check out the Broadcast Presentation Blog for more details!

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 is now available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Order your copy today!

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See you on the course,
Christian Brandt
Designer Tiger WOODS PGA TOUR 14

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