Coins, Course Mastery, and Boost Pins

Hey Tiger Fans, this is Justin "HANDSWARD" Patel and I am one of the designers for Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 13. I am here to tell you about several new features in the game that are all based around our new in-game currency, also known as Coins. With Coins you will be able to access content in the game that normally costs you money. Let's dive right in...


Get Coins

Coins are the currency used to purchase two new items in the game: rounds at Downloadable Courses and Boost Pin Packs. Coins are earned by playing the game while connected to the EA Servers. It doesn't matter what game mode you play, as long as you are connected. You can also opt to purchase Coins in game through Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network. The Coins are offered in a variety of pack sizes with discounts available for larger Coin purchases.

Online Country Clubs

Your coin bank is displayed in the top right of the menu when you are connected to the EA Servers

Get More Coins

Being part of a Country Club helps you earn Coins faster. The higher the rank of your Country Club, the more Coins you will earn every time you play. You will also earn Coins on a weekly basis in your Country Club, based on the amount of Status Points you have earned for the club. There are also special Live Tournaments that you can qualify for through Country Clubs. These events will award Coins based on your finish. For more information on Country Clubs, see designer Christian Brandt's blog on this all new feature:

Get Rounds at Downloadable Courses

For the first time ever you will be able to access our Downloadable Courses by spending in-game currency. To do so, simply earn enough Coins to purchase a round pack at one of these courses. Round packs come in three sizes: 1 round, 2 rounds, or 3 rounds. Once this purchase is made, the course is downloaded and access is granted for the allotted time.

Online Country Clubs

Downloadable Courses in the Play Now menu have black medallions when you have never downloaded the content . The red growl on the medallion shows the number of rounds you currently have at the course.

Online Country Clubs

To access a course, simply make a select the number of rounds. Once you have downloaded the course, the medallion activates to Bronze. The growl also updates to reflect the number of rounds available for that course.

Course Mastery


Course Mastery is a list of objectives that you can complete at each course in the game. The objectives are based on specific game play statistics and are tracked separately on each course. There are two levels of objectives: Silver and Gold. You must complete every objective in the level to complete the level. You can also complete objectives for the level ahead of you. Just like the earning of Coins, completing Course Mastery objectives can only be done while you are connected to the EA servers.


You will earn an award for each level of Course Mastery you complete for each course in the game. For completing the Silver level at any course, you will be rewarded with a Coin bonus. Achieve Gold level at any course and you will receive a free Pin Pack. For completing the Gold level at a Downloadable Course, you get unlimited rounds to that course.

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The amount of rounds available at a course, a general progress bar for mastery, and your next award are all shown in the top level of the Course Mastery screen.

Online Country Clubs

You can check the progress of each objective at any time. This list includes both the Silver and Gold objectives.

Boost Pins

Getting Started

Boost Pins are a form of power ups that you purchase with Coins. Every new player will receive a free Starter Pack, which includes a variety of pin types to get you accustomed to the feature. Each time you start a round, you'll have the option to equip up to 3 pins to bottom of your bag tag. Depending on the type of pin that is selected, you will receive different types of boosts and gameplay enhancements.

Consumable vs. Collectable Pins

There are two basic pin types: Consumables and Collectables. All pins that can be equipped to the bag tag are considered consumables, and come with a use count. Pins that represent individual holes on courses are considered collectables, and have no use count associated with them.

Pin Levels

Each pin has a level associated with it. The first time you get a pin, it is bronze. When you get the pin a second time, it levels up to silver and its ability increases. When you get a pin a third time, it levels up to gold and its ability increases yet again.

Golfer Pins

Golfer Pins affect all the attributes of a specific golfer. There is one pin in the game for every licensed golfer as well as one pin for any created golfer. Each one can only be used on the golfer it represents. Golfer Pins are consumable.

Boost Pins

Boost Pins affect a variety of attributes and game play areas. Some are specific to a piece of equipment, boosting all its attributes. . Others give the player a specific ability including: improved lies, shot previews, and calmer wind. Boost Pins are Consumable Pins.

Refill Pins

Refill Pins can be applied to any Consumable Pin in order to regain uses. Each refill pin gives the user 5 uses to apply in any way they choose. You can add 1 use to 5 different pins, all 5 uses to 1 pin, or any other combination in between. Refills Pins are randomly included in packs like any other pin. You can also purchase a refill pack that only includes Refill Pins.

Collector Pins

Each Collector Pin represents an individual hole in the game. The objective here is to complete the full 18 hole collection for each course. For each pin collected on a course, you earn a boost to the amount of Status Points earned when playing at that course. After completing the entire 18 hole collection, you will unlock the Course Pin for that course.

Course Pins

Course Pins are unlocked by completing the entire 18 hole pin collection at a course. Once unlocked, it is automatically equipped to the top right corner of your bag tag when you play at that course, and it enhances the ability of any other equipped pins. Like all other pins, the Course Pin levels up and its ability increases.

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This is the Equip Pins screen. You will get this screen on your way into a round of golf. This screen will present all pins that can be equipped for the round. The boost gained from each pin is described when you navigate to that pin's button. As you can see, I have equipped three pins on the bottom of my bag tag. I also have unlocked the Course Pin at Kiawah Island, and it has automatically been equipped to the top right slot of my bag tag. The top left slot is reserved for my current Country Club ranking.

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After I have equipped pins, I can see how they affect my attributes by using the See Attributes option on the Equip screen.

Online Country Clubs

This is my pin collection. It is divided into collection pages based on pin types. You can scroll through each collection from the top level, or choose to take a look at each pin individually by choosing the View Collection option.

Online Country Clubs

When viewing a specific collection, you can navigate to each pin and see its details. As you can see here, my Rory McIlroy pin is at the Bronze level. It has 5 uses left and it gives me +8 to all of his attributes.

That's all the info I have for you today gamers. Check back soon for more blogs and videos. And remember, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 13 releases on March 27th for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

See you all on the course,
Justin Patel