Capturing NCAA Football 13

The wait is almost over! NCAA Football 13 releases tomorrow and I want to share my best screen shots with the community. First, I am going to go over the steps on how to capture a screen shot in the game:

1) Start up a game and press "start" and then select "instant replay" after a play has been completed. 

2) When you are happy with the image, press the "left stick" to take a picture. 

3) Select "Add to EA SPORTS Highlights. (The user is allowed 3 photo save slots per game)

4) Exit the game.

5) Go to "My NCAA Legacy" on the main menu.

6) Select "EA SPORTS Highlights".

7) Select which game mode the screen shot was captured in.

8) Select the game.

9) Choose what photos to upload.

10) Head over to

11) Select your username at the top right corner.

12) Click on Media.

13) Select "photos" and "NCAA Football 13".

14) Save the images somewhere on the computer.

Now it is time to see my best captures of NCAA Football 13. Comment below and let me know which one you think is the best!