Dev Blog: Broadcast Presentation

Hello everyone,

This is Christian Brandt, one of the designers for Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14. I’m here to give you some inside details on new features in this year’s game – particularly the new Broadcast Presentation. This year, we put a lot of work into making the game look and feel more like a broadcast tournament than ever before.

Some of the improvements we've made include in-game statistical updates, new tournament introductions and branding (including all four majors!), a new broadcast camera setting, time of day, new major specific tournament structures, and updated commentary from Jim Nantz and David Feherty.

The first new broadcast feature you will notice is the all new tournament introductions. This year’s game features real-life tournament branding, including the Honda Classic, Zurich Classic, Players Championship, The Open Championship, and many more. 

In the new Quick Tournaments feature, Jim Nantz will comment about your pairing based on the scenario you have selected during the intro.

Whenever you are playing in a tournament (online or offline), you will see banner updates throughout the round just like you would see on a TV broadcast. The days of wondering what is happening elsewhere on the course are over. We now feed you stats about the round, tournament, season and even your career.  If you’re in a Country Club, you will also see stats that compare you with your club members.

There are three main types of banners: Historical Golfer, Compare, and Mini Leaderboards

Historical Golfer banners display single stats about your golfer. Notice the tab along the top of each banner when looking through the screenshots. This tab indicates the length of time the stat has been tracked.

The example above displays the total lifetime birdies that Nightgolf99 has earned for their Country Club. Now you won’t have to go back to the club menu to check your stats; they will be displayed throughout the round when you are connected online.

Compare Banners will compare your golfer vs. another (AI or another user), round vs. round scores, Country Club scores, and top players in a given stat category. The banner above is displaying putts made from 10-15 feet from our group.

We also track weekly and lifetime statistics for your Country Club. At the end of each week, you can check your Country Club’s Hub to see how many stats you led in a given week. It’s always a nice bragging point when you lead in birdies or even aces at the end of the week. Check out how I stack up with my Country Club teammates in Greens Hit for the week.

Here’s a look at Lifetime Status Point leaders for the Monsters Country Club.The third type of banner you will see is a mini-leaderboard that displays up to six golfers. 

The mini-leaderboard also works for Country Clubs. Here are the top six leaders in GIR in the CMORRISON01 Club. 

We have also added shot comparison views for your drives and approach. You will be compared against your pairing, as well as against other top drives on that particular hole.

Shot comparison – Longest Drive

Instead of getting the same old scorecard when loading between holes, players will now see tournament-specific information, including your golfer’s performance and even season updates like FedExCup Rankings the Money List.

Just like on TV, you will see first see your updated scorecard and score for the round/tournament right after sinking a putt.

We have more than 100 different loading update screens to keep each round fresh. Remember, you will get these updates in all tournament type game modes such as Career, Quick Tournaments, and Connected Tournaments.

Let's say I just finished the 2nd hole. Now I can see that the 3rd hole has been playing easy so far today with 23 birdies and only one bogey. This top-down view of the hole gives you all the info at a glance."

Sometimes you will get to see Round and Tournament leaders in different stat categories such as Average Putts Per Green.

This screen is giving a quick breakdown of my performance against the rest of my playing group.

And yes, the classic Top 10 leaderboard will also appear throughout the round. It includes each golfer’s tournament score, round score, and progress on the course.

As if that's not enough, we've also added a new Broadcast Camera setting that can be turned on in the Presentation Settings. We have over 3,3000 new cameras that were placed after our team did extensive research on where camera are placed on real world golf courses and how they track the ball through the air.

You will see all-new blimp views, fairway cameras, green tower and greenside views, close ups, reverse angles, different spectator swing angles, and many more. If you prefer the classic Tiger follow ball camera, it still functions as the default camera mode. But if you want to get the full broadcast experience, I would recommend the Broadcast cameras.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 is now available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Order your copy today!

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See you on the course,
Christian Brandt
Designer Tiger WOODS PGA TOUR 14