Fight Night Champion Any Fight Anywhere Article

Your skills in Fight Night Champion will certainly sharpen up when you jump into Champion Mode or Fight Now, but then what do you do? Take the fight online through various modes and features designed to help you get the most action out of the most brutal and most authentic boxing game out there.

Take your created fighter into our Online Gyms where you and your friends can create custom Fight Night Champion experiences. You have to choose a name, nickname, location and general manager for your gym to get started. You can customize the gameplay settings so the fights can be tuned to you and your friends’ style of the play. When it’s time to let the hands go you’ll be fighting other members of your gym and earning rankings and XP for your Created Boxer. Watch out to see who your Rival Gym will be and earn XP for your gym when you beat rival boxers. There’s a lot more to Online Gyms than just fighting your buddies so get going now.

Making new fighters that look, move and fight just the way you want might become your favorite pastime once you get your hands on Fight Night Champion’s customization tools. When you’ve made those unique heavyweights and southpaws, using Boxer Share you can upload your creations for all the world to see….and play. Like our other online features you can access uploaded fighters through your console or on the web.

The Online World Championships will let players answer the only question that matters when it comes to Fight Night Champion online: who is the best? Competing in your region, your country and the world in special events will put you on the path to Fight Night Champion glory. The leaderboards keep track of all the lightweights, middleweights and heavyweights battling for the various belts. It’ll take plenty of hard work to get your name on that list.

If the heated action of the Online World Championships is too much for you, there’s always the local paddycakes league. Or, you can still fight online and keep track of your progress on the online leaderboards. Fighters fight no matter the venue or level of competition; that’s one thing you’ll learn from Fight Night Champion.