Announcing Classic SSX DLC

After a week of teasing the community by slowly releasing puzzle pieces of a screenshot jam packed full of classic SSX elements, we revealed on Friday that we would be bringing some of that classic, retro fun from previous SSX titles to the newest SSX release with our upcoming DLC.



Today we’re proud to announce that on 05.01.2012 we’ll be releasing the SSX Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters Bundle Pack.  Mt. Eddie is a TRICKY inspired, ultra-long mountain that features 9 new Race and Trick drops, and is filled with huge kickers, ridiculous grinds, a Big Air drop, fireworks, and a whole lot more – the classic SSX experience!  This DLC bundle pack also comes with 7 retro SSX characters from SSX 3 and Tricky, each with a unique snowboard.  And as if that weren’t enough, this pack also includes 3 classic music tracks. 

You can even get these elements separately in the SSX Mt. Eddie Pack or the SSX Classic Characters Pack.  Leading up to the May 1st launch we’ll be showing off what exactly we’re releasing with character images, gameplay videos and a live Q&A with the development team talking about the new DLC.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the latest news, and read on to see details on the pack breakdowns.

See you on the slopes!

Team SSX




•             SSX Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters Bundle Pack - $7.99

•             SSX Classic Characters Pack - $5.99

•             SSX Mt. Eddie Pack - $5.99


Mt. Eddie Pack

•             Mt. Eddie – an over the top, TRICKY inspired, ultra-long track (9 drops)

•             Retro music tracks including two from previous SSX games

Classic Characters Pack

•             SSX classic cast featuring 7 characters

•             Each character comes with an assortment of outfit colourways

•             7 unique snowboards – one for each of the characters in the pack

Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters Pack

•             Everything in the Mt. Eddie Pack

•             Everything in the SSX Classic Characters Pack