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NCAA Football 14 Playbook 2: Presentation

NCAA Football 14 features a number of presentation enhancements, including streamlined pre-game, an all-new halftime show, and new team apparel.

Breaking Down NCAA Football 14 Gameplay

Check out NCAA Football 14's all-new gameplay innovations, including the Infinity Engine 2, which allows you to play true to the style of college football.

NCAA Football 14 Sights and Sounds

Get a closer look at the presentation improvements in NCAA Football 14. Featuring all-new base layers and two of sports' most famous pump-up songs, the game has never felt more real.

How To Download the Demo

With the NCAA Football 13 demo available to download now, it’s time to get your hands on this year’s game, check out all of the new gameplay improvements, and unlock your 5 Nike Pro Combat Uniforms as well as your three Heisman Challenge Athletes. If you’ve never downloaded a demo before, here’s what you need to do,

NCAA Football Playbook 1: Gameplay

Check out the first NCAA Football 14 Playbook, which dives into some of the newest gameplay innovations in this year's title. Preorder today for exclusive content!

Playbook 3: Ultimate Team

One of EA SPORTS' most beloved modes has made its way to NCAA Football 14. Check out Ultimate Team and get prepared to build your juggernaut on July 9.

NCAA Football 14 Playbook 4: Dynasty

Read all about NCAA Football 14's revamped Dynasty Mode, which includes all-new Coach Skills and a streamlined recruiting process.

NCAA Football Cover Vote Down to 16

The NCAA Football Cover Vote is down to just 16 teams! Reigning national champion Alabama led all vote-getters in the latest round, while Navy continued their strong showing.

NCAA Football Cover Vote

This year every school has a shot at the cover of NCAA Football. Cast your vote now on the EA SPORTS NCAA Football Facebook page to decide which school will move to the next round of voting!

NCAA Football 13 is a hit!

NCAA Football 13 is available at all major retailers this week. See what the media have to say about the new game. Pick up your copy today and lead your team to victory with former Heisman Trophy winners on your roster. Playing with one of 10 former Heisman winners, see if you have the confidence and poise to utilize his legendary skillset to once again capture the Heisman Trophy - this time for your school.

NCAA Football 14 Announces Release Date

NCAA Football 14 launches Tuesday, July 9, and will include real-time physics via Infinity Engine 2, enhanced Dynasty mode, and NCAA Ultimate Team.

Robinson & Swope Reach Cover Vote Final

Michigan's Denard Robinson and Texas A&M's Ryan Swope will face off in the finals of the NCAA Football Cover Vote. Finals voting is now open through Friday, March 8.