NCAA Football Ultimate Team Collections

By EA SPORTS Jul 19, 2013

Collections are a great way to get unique rewards in NCAA Football Ultimate Team. Here are some basics to get you started.


Check out which collections are available by selecting “Collections and Team Management” in the NFUT Hub, and then finding “Complete Collections.” There are five different types of collections, each with its own unlockable reward. 

· Weekly – Receive a Silver or Gold Reward pack, including exclusive mascot collectible items.
· Campus Heroes – Earn one Varsity Pack with five players and three other items.
· Mascots – Get your choice of alternate jerseys or neutral stadium items.
· Heisman Hopeful – Improve your legendary Hopeful player to the Heisman Finalist version.
· Heisman Winner – Finish your quest with the ultimate Heisman Winner player item!


When you select a collection, you’ll find a display of all the items you need to complete it. You may want to write down a list of the items required for each collection since you may already have some of these items in your Reserves or Current Roster.

For example, let’s say you’re looking to complete a Silver CB weekly collection to earn a Gold Reward Pack. When you inspect the collection, there are five silver tier cornerback player items displayed. Check your Reserves (you can search by Player > Silver > CB to find them all quickly), select any of the listed items you find, and then send them to your Current Roster. Adding an item to a collection is a three-step procedure:

1. Add the item to your Current Roster (if it’s not already there).
2. Select the item and add it to your Pending Collection bin.
3. Go to the collection, select that item, and add it to the collection.

In addition to adding to your collections, you’ll also receive a coin reward equal to the discard value of that item. The collections in NCAA Football Ultimate Team provide more than 115,000 extra coins in discard value alone.

The Pending Collection bin stores items that you want to add to collections. It only has room for 10 items at one time. You can access the Pending Collection from anywhere in the Collections area. If the bin gets full, simply select an item to move it back to your Current Roster.


Let’s get back to our example. Once you’ve collected the five cornerbacks that are required and added them to your Pending Collection bin, go in and add them to the Silver Cornerback collection. Each time you add an item, you receive 100 coins for its discard value, for a total of 500 coins.

When you complete the Silver CB collection, you’ll receive a Gold Reward Pack that will show up in your Unopened Packs area. This pack has one gold tier player, three game extensions, and a silver mascot. These items are worth at least 750 coins in discard value alone, and that gold player could be the guy to put your Ultimate Team over the top. You’ve spent five players who were riding the bench and got a value of more than 1,200 coins. 

If you’ve bought some packs in the last few days since the collection has gone live, you’ll find more of the players you need in the items from those packs. We’re shifting the distribution of bronze and silver players each week to help you complete these weekly collections.


Campus Heroes are similar to weekly collections except that a few of the players needed to unlock the full collection might be gold tier. The reward for completing a Campus Heroes collection is one Varsity Pack, which contains two silver players, three bronze players, one game extension and two more items which will be stadiums, uniforms, or playbooks. That’s worth at least 500 coins in discard value by itself, and don’t forget the coins you’ll get when you add the items to the collection. The highest rewards are for the ACC and MAC conferences, coming in at 2300 coins each. Close behind is Conference USA at 2200 coins, and SEC at 2000. The best payout per item is in the easy-to-complete Sun Belt collection: seven items for 1450 coins.


Your Gold Reward Pack included a silver mascot collectible, which can be used to complete Mascot collections. Each collection requires five different gold mascots and five different silver mascots. When you get a complete set of all ten, choose which collection you want to complete. They all have the same requirements, but each one has its own exclusive reward of alternate uniforms or neutral stadiums. Don’t forget that you’ll cash in on those discard values more than 3000 coins in each collection.

Gold mascots come from regular pack purchases, while Silver mascots come only from reward packs that you receive completing collections (as noted above). You can also receive reward packs for achieving certain milestones in Head-to-Head Seasons play. Of course, if you can’t find that last gold or silver mascot, you can always pick one up in the auction block.


When you get a legendary tier (blue) item from a pack, keep it. That item is part of our Heisman Trophy Winner program. The Heisman Hopeful players and their matching nickname collectibles are used to complete a Heisman Hopeful collection that begins the process of unlocking a Heisman Winner. You can find out more about the Heisman Trophy collections here


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