Feel The Pageantry of NCAA Football 14

By EA SPORTS Jul 1, 2013

Experience the unpredictability and emotion of college football like never before with NCAA Football 14. With Presentation upgrades like all-new graphics, announcer logic, and tons of gear and updated audio, this is the best NCAA Football ever.


EA SPORTS is pleased to welcome former All-American and ESPN analyst David Pollack into the mix for NCAA Football 14. Pollack is an integral part of the new-and-improved halftime show alongside Rece Davis. The duo will break down key stories and moments in the first half, as well as highlight conference standings around the country and set up the college football landscape.

Announcers Brad Nessler and Kirk Herbstreit will touch on your game's storylines while highlighting individual players, just like in real life. As the two recognize patterns throughout the game, brand-new on-screen broadcast wipes and stat banners will pop up dynamically. There are more than 100 new commentary stories in NCAA Football 14.

Rivalries and bowl games have their own intros to really capture the pageantry of the sport, and the dynamic ticker is back to keep you updated on what’s going on around your Dynasty. Schedule one of the all-new neutral site games like one of the three Kickoff Classics to really capture the feeling of running a college football program. With more than 300 new player vignettes and more than 100 specific music intros, NCAA Football 14 feels like a real college football broadcast.


NCAA Football 14 introduces three brand-new camera angles. The Wide camera presents the game from an angle akin to the “All 22” coach’s film. This full shot of the field keeps all players in frame and will allow players to keep tabs on all players at all times. Run your offense how you want to run it and make sure you have the right scheme in place.

The new Zoom camera stays close to the ball throughout. If strategy isn't your game and you want to get into the action, try the zoom cam that puts you on the field with your team. See and feel what it's like to take the handoff and hit the cutback lane, or read the pulling guard and stuff the hole. With the Zoom cam, you put yourself in the shoes of a college football player.

Last but not least is the Coordinator camera, which provides a view of the whole field initially, but dynamically zooms in during the play to follow the action. Identify your opponent’s coverage scheme or offensive set before the snap, identify a mismatch and exploit. No longer will you have trouble seeing the outside WR get jammed at the line in a Cover 2. See the field and react quickly to put your team on the scoreboard.


Few songs are more synonymous with sports and college football than the White Stripes' Seven Nation Army and Zombie Nation's Kernkraft 400. This year, NCAA Football 14 brings both to life on the virtual gridiron. Real, recorded variations of these songs from your favorite school’s band and authentic crowd chants make the stadiums sound real. Would you like to hear a specific chant or song make it into NCAA Football? Let us know on Twitter and we might just be able to make that happen.

For the first time, you’ll even be able to hear player chatter on the field. The offensive line will call out their assignments to protect the quarterback, and you’ll hear the defense shouting out adjustments. There are more than 600 on-field dialogue samples to keep the action feeling fresh. With so much of the college football atmosphere coming from the sounds roaring throughout the stadium, strap on your headset or turn-up your surround sound because the sounds of college football will get you amped up for every game.


Fans looking for the latest and greatest college football apparel will not be disappointed, as NCAA Football 14 features the latest uniforms, team-specific gloves, and base layers. With more than 200 new uniform parts in all, the dev team has gone to great lengths to make sure all the details are included, from the biggest schools to the smallest underdog programs.

To get a glimpse of what to expect, download the demo today and take a look at all of those Oregon uniform combinations.


NCAA Football 14 is available on Tuesday, July 9 for Xbox 360 and PS3. Fans can learn more at the NCAA Football website. Pre-order today to receive exclusive Conference Packs.

Keep up to date and visit the NCAA Football website, Facebook, and Twitter to find exclusive assets and unique insights into all of this year’s new features. College football enthusiasts can also get involved in the conversation by tweeting with the hashtag #PLAYTRUE.