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Madden NFL 13 Preview of Week 3

Hey NFL Fans, Kev5890 here welcoming you to the Madden NFL 13 Preview of Week 3. I have highlighted some of next week’s match-ups with media and predictions. Last week I was 4-1 in my predictions!

Game Changers Fantasy Football League

Hello Madden fans, Kev5890 here to provide the first blog detailing the EA SPORTS Game Changers fantasy football league. When choosing a website to host our league, it was an easy choice. is integrated into Madden NFL 13 and provides a great experience. Here is a brief summary of what you can expect when using the fantasy football feature in Madden NFL 13. 

Madden NFL 13 Game of the Week: Cowboys vs. Giants

Hey Madden fans, Kev5890 here with the first edition of "Madden NFL 13 Game of the Week". I will choose one NFL game every week and capture screen shots and one video to show to the community. This weeks pick is the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. Tell me who you think will win this match up in the comments section!