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Game Changers Radio Show #55 - Madden NFL 13 Community Event Recap

Join Shopmaster and MadScientist as they host another exciting Game Changers Radio Show. In this episode the guys will recap their hands-on time with Madden NFL 13 and their experience with Connected Careers and Gameplay at the most recent community event. They’ll give you their impressions on the game as well as some feedback given to the developers.

Community Blog - Gameplay Pt. II: Infinity Engine

Hello Madden NFL fans! My name is Shopmaster and I am an EA SPORTS Game Changer, owner of, and a true Madden Addict.  In my Gameplay Part 1 Community blog back in April, I talked about all the new gameplay features for Madden NFL 13 like QB trajectory, Read and React defense, the ability abort play-action and many others.  There was, however, one important addition I did not mention and it is the ‘Infinity Engine,’ or, as I like to call it, ‘The Game Changer’

Madden NFL 13 Community Gameplay

Hello Madden Fans, my name is Shopmaster and I am an EA SPORTS Game Changer, owner of - a Madden NFL Community Site - and a true Madden addict. I was lucky enough to participate in the first Community Day for Madden NFL 13 and want to share with you my thoughts on something you guys all have been waiting for… Gameplay.