Five Reasons to Save Your Game through Facebook

Posted September 5th at 12:00am.

The team at EA SPORTS is thrilled about the recent launch of Madden NFL 25 for iPhone and iPad. There is great new content on the way, and our first major update is filled with off-the-field improvements to the game’s speed and stability.

However, you may lose your saved game if you don’t connect to Facebook before updating.  

Read below for the top five reasons to connect your Facebook account to Madden NFL 25 for iPhone and iPad.


This is the best way to make sure you are saving hard-earned levels, coins, player cards and victories.


You’ll instantly receive 2,500 coins when you connect your Facebook account to Madden NFL 25. That’s enough to buy a beginner pack of cards!


Challenge your friends to a Head-2-Head game. This fast-paced, offensive shootout mode is a fun way to challenge your friends for bragging rights.


Feeling generous? Send & receive gifts of coins, cash, and player cards to your friends on Facebook.


Take your saved game with you and play on either iPhone or iPad. Play on one device, and then switch to another without losing a step.

So get in the game, connect to Facebook and enjoy Madden NFL 25 for iPhone and iPad. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest game updates, content and special prize giveaways. 

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