Madden NFL 25 Roster Update: Week 8

Posted October 25th at 12:00am.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the lone unbeaten in the NFL, thanks to the Indianapolis Colts’ impressive win over the Denver Broncos. With the win, the Colts have now toppled three of the favorites for the Super Bowl: the 49ers, Seahawks, and Broncos. The Chiefs are now 7-0 on the year.

Here are three of the biggest movers in the Madden NFL 25 Week 8 roster update.

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There is plenty to praise about the Colts’ performance on Sunday Night, but Davis may have been the highlight. He helped lock down Broncos star wideout Demaryius Thomas while making five tackles. For his efforts, he gets a two-point OBR boost to 89 and a three-point jump in AWR and MCV.


With Julio Jones out for the season and Roddy White battling injuries, Douglas stepped up to give the Falcons a much-needed win coming off their bye week. He hauled in seven passes for 149 yards and a score, and was rewarded with a three-point increase to 80 OVR. He also saw a four-point increase in SPC, CIT, RTE, and RLS.


With the Packers missing both wide receivers James Jones and Randall Cobb, Boykin was pressed into action and made the most of his opportunity, finishing with eight catches for 103 yards and a touchdown. His rating goes up five points to 72, and he also received five-point increases in AWR and CTH.

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