Madden NFL 25 Roster Update: Week 12

Posted November 23rd at 12:00am.

With Kansas City’s 27-17 loss to Denver, there are no more unbeaten teams left in the NFL. The AFC West is now tied with a pair of 9-1 teams. In the NFC, both the Panthers and Giants continued their winning ways and tightened up their respective division races.

Here are three of the biggest changes from the Madden NFL Week 12 roster update.

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The most-talked about player in Fantasy Football seemingly came out of nowhere to rush for 163 yards and three touchdowns in the Bucs’ second win of the season. Rainey’s OVR increases five points to 74, with his BCVision (+11 to 85) and JKM (+8 to 84) ratings both receiving massive boosts.

The much-maligned Raiders are now just a came out of the AFC’s final playoff spot thanks to McGloin’s successful NFL debut, where he threw for 197 yards and three touchdowns. The former Penn State QB receives a five-point increase to 73, and his TAD went up eight points to 72.

One of the NFL's most impressive rookies continued his stellar play in the Lions loss to the Steelers. The third-round pick out of Kentucky receives a well-deserved six-point boost to his OVR (84) thanks to four-point increases in PBK (91) and RBK (87)

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