Madden NFL All-25: KR Devin Hester

Posted August 3rd at 12:00am.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Madden NFL, we’ve compiled the best players in Madden history with help from our EA SPORTS GameChangers.Today's reveal is returner Devin Hester.


Few players have developed a reputation in the kick return game the way that Devin Hester has with the Chicago Bears. This reputation came to a head with a 100 SPD rating in Madden NFL 08, making Hester the fastest player in the game.

“Speed, Acceleration, Agility, Elusiveness, Ball Carrier Vision, Returning. All these ratings all meant one thing....TDs. With a 100 speed rating, he was the open field master whether he was lined up at KR, PR, WR or RB. You give him an inch and he's taking it straight to the house for six.” – Brian Parker

“Dante Hall was a force but Hester broke the sound barrier with his 100 Speed in Madden NFL 08.” – Zfarls

With a player like Hester waiting for the kick, most opponents would rather kick the ball out of bounds than risk giving #23 a chance to his extend his records.

“Hester was so dangerous, you couldn’t even get excited about scoring a touchdown because you knew that you’d have to kick it back to him.” – Jordan of Madden

Hester holds the NFL record for most return touchdowns by a single player with 18. He’s returned five kickoffs, 12 punts, and one missed field goal for scores.

 “Speeds Kills! Devin Hester was the first player that I would simply not kick to. With him being both a kick and punt returner he completely altered my gameplan.” - Simfballcritic 

“One of the best kick returners in Madden history and the first guy with 100 speed, Hester could create colossal damage if given space and opportunity. This was one guy that a lot of Madden players tried to trade for in franchises for kick returns alone.” – Corey Andress


Looking for the rest of the All-25 roster? Check back over the next few weeks as more of the greatest football video game athletes are revealed.

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