Top 5 Madden Share Tips

By Zfarls Jun 27, 2013

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Today's Game Changers blog comes to us from “ZFarls,” who writes the official strategy guides for both Madden NFL and NCAA Football 14, and also runs Follow him on Twitter at @MaddenBible.

Madden Share is a brand new feature in Madden NFL 25 that will greatly enhance your gameplay experience. By heading to the share tab on the home screen, gamers can download rosters, sliders and playbooks from the community. Whether you choose to discover new, unstoppable playbooks or that perfect set of sliders, Madden Share is sure to keep your game dynamic.


Sliders allow for individual gamers to customize their own experience and set difficulty levels for individual aspects of the game. If you are struggling in a certain area, like dropping a lot of passes, you can adjust the sliders to improve the hands of your wideouts. Sliders can completely alter your Madden NFL experience, so make sure to download a few different types to see which style you prefer.

Pro Tip: For a real challenge, try tilting the sliders in your opponent's favor.


Madden NFL 25 has an insane amount of ratings, skills, and equipment to create an authentic NFL experience. If you want to take a shot at being your own ratings czar, you can now edit every aspect and create your own ratings system. You can also download a file from other players who have taken their own shot at re-rating rosters.

Pro Tip: If you download a roster file that you enjoy, you can choose to start your Connected Franchise with it.


The best Madden NFL players are always looking for an edge, and that often involves finding the perfect playbook. Not only can you make a custom playbook and add formations from different teams, but you can also share that playbook with the rest of the community. Check out the top downloads or sort by highest-rated: With all of creative football minds in the community, you will rarely see two identical playbooks this season.

Pro Tip: You can download separate playbook files for both offense and defense.


When you bring together a passionate community like Madden NFL fans, gamers will create some awesome content. Now that it is easy to share and download files, you can expect to see some crazy creations. To find out what is currently the talk of the community, head to the Top Downloads tab and sort to find something you enjoy. Once you try out the file, head into “My Downloads” and rate it to let others know if it is worth trying.

Pro Tip: If you like a specific user’s file, you can check and see what other files they have uploaded.


While downloading other files is a great way to use Madden Share, there wouldn’t be anything available if people didn’t share their creations with the world. 

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Pro Tip: Look to join an online community to see what files the community wants the most.


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