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Compare your legacy score

Quickly and easily compare your progress against Legends, Active Players, and any other users in your Connected Career League. How do you stack up to the greats like Montana, Rice, Madden, and Sanders? Track your progress and see how close you are at all times with the Legacy Scoreboard!

Follow, progress, & scout players

Can't spare the TV time to handle all of the details in your league? On the Connected Career website, you can follow along and track the progress of everyone in your league. Progress and train every player conveniently and at any time. Or take care of those spur of the moment ideas; finally think of the perfect trade to get your team to the playoffs? Log in and get that trade sent off right away!

Track your progress online

You haven't been able to log in and finish up your training all week. Don't worry! With the Connected Career website, you can keep everything up to date from the My Career page. You can also access and address all of your Activities quickly and easily.

  • beat the best
    Compete Against the Game's Legends
    Guide your coach or player as you chase the dream of a hall of fame career. Compare yourself throughout your career to some of the greatest to ever play the game including John Madden, Joe Montana and Barry Sanders as you build your legacy.
  • improve your team
    Trade, Sign and Progress Players
    Level up your players' abilities all season long. Make a bold trade proposal for a marquee player. Sign that unwanted free agent and turn him into a starter. And the best part, you can do it from any PC or browser based mobile device.
  • win it all
    Dominate your Entire League
    Compete in leagues with up to 32 users. Play how you want to play; be a Coach, Player, Legend or, with the addition of GameFace in Madden 13 play as 'you'! Compare your stats against your friends in the league as well as the best to ever play the game.