Top 10 Golf Holes

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Today's Game Changers blog comes to us from Michael Amspaugh, known on XBL and PSN as “cccgolfer08.” Michael’s expertise is the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR franchise and he has been to three Community Days at EA Tiburon in Orlando, FL. Follow him on Twitter at @cccgolfer08.


There are many holes in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 that provide gamers with a realistic and memorable experience, and this article highlights 10 of the best!

Augusta  Hole 12: Pictured above, this 155-yard Par 3 is the shortest hole on the course, but it's far from the easiest. The green on this hole is very shallow and is protected by Rae’s Creek, bunkers, and azaleas. Notorious for its swirling winds which make it tough for players to gauge their shots,  this hole led to a couple of 10’s in this year’s Masters Tournament.

TPC Sawgrass – Hole 17: This 132-yard Par 3 is arguably the most-known hole around the world. Hole 17 at Sawgrass features an island green that strikes fear into the hearts of even the most-seasoned PGA TOUR pros. Not only is it an island green, but the green's surface is only 78 feet, making it extra tricky.

Pebble Beach – Hole 7: Known for its amazing view of the Pacific Ocean, this could be the most gorgeous hole in America as the waves crash on the rocks below. It is one of the shortest holes on tour coming in at 106 yards, but it can play extremely difficult if the wind is gusting.

Augusta National – Hole 13: This 510-yard Par 5 has become a classic risk-reward hole at The Masters. A slight draw is required to leave you a nice second shot into the green. The creek in front of the hole causes a lot of issues for those who decide to take a chance and go for the green in two. [Click here for tips on conquering #13]

Pebble Beach – Hole 18: This hole is often referred to as the greatest finishing hole in golf.  The 18th at Pebble provides a test for golfers of all skill levels. With the Pacific Ocean all along the left side of the hole and some trees coming in play up the fairway, this hole will fray nerves on Sunday afternoons.

St. Andrews – Hole 17:  This hole is commonly known as “The Road Hole” at The Old Course at St. Andrews, because the road actually comes into play along the right side of the fairway and green. Players must suffer through a blind tee shot and then try to avoid the dangerous Road Hole bunker that swallows poorly-placed approaches.

TPC Blue Monster at Doral – Hole 18: This infamous Par 4 is one of the most difficult finishing holes on the PGA TOUR.  The fairway narrows to just 25 yards at the end of the hazard, making for an extremely difficult tee shot.  And with water all along the left side of the green, it doesn't get any easier on the second shot.

Muirfield Village – Hole 13: This 455-yard Par 4 forces players to hit a downhill drive to a very fast and curving fairway. Golfers are usually hitting a mid-to-long iron into this long, narrow green that runs away from them.  Bunkers also stretch the full length of the green on both sides, demanding a precise approach shot.

St. Andrews – Hole 18: The final hole at St. Andrews (Tom Morris) provides golfers with a huge fairway and green, the size of which can cause many problems on Tour because of the unusually -long putts that are often left. Note the false front on this green that causes balls to be sucked down into the “Valley of Sin.”

TPC Scottsdale – Hole 16: The “Stadium Hole” is widely regarded as the party hole of the PGA Tour. Beer flows freely as fans cheer (and boo) loudly for players that come through 16. The atmosphere on this hole resembles a football game more than it does a golf tournament. Many golfers get into their own element in this hole and pump up the crowd, while others don’t care for all the excitement.  This is easily one of the most exciting holes on the entire Tour.

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