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    Zach "ZFarls" Farley (@Maddenbible) hails from Boston and co-authors the "Official Player's Guide" for the Madden NFL and NCAA Football Series. Along with fellow Game Changer Stephen "SGibs"

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Shopmaster (@Shopmaster) has been a "Voice of the Community" since 2004 working with developers on relaying feedback from the EA SPORTS community. Shopmaster was on ESPN's reality show “Madden Nation” and runs  Shopmaster continues to engage the EA SPORTS Community by holding tournaments, contest, and a weekly Radio Podcast called Game Changers Radio (


Jeremy Bennett, also known as JBHuskers on PSN, XBL, and everywhere else, is an EA SPORTS Game Changer from Lincoln, NE. He was inducted into the initial EA SPORTS Game Changers group that was formed in Feb. 2010, and has been involved in such EA SPORTS titles as NCAA Football, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, MMA, Madden, and NBA. Jeremy is also the co-founder and co-administrator for The Gaming Tailgate.


Zach "ZFarls" Farley (@Maddenbible) hails from Boston and co-authors the "Official Player's Guide" for the Madden NFL and NCAA Football Series. Along with fellow Game Changer Stephen "SGibs" Gibbons, Zach started in 2008 before joining the Prima Games Madden team. The pair host a weekly online program, "This Week in Madden", which is still going strong after more than 70 episodes.


Markus Frieske is a marketing director and application developer. As a collegiate and semi-pro baseball player, Markus has been involved with creative direction in sports, entertainment, and gaming for over 7 years, working with companies such as Stubhub, Ticket Network, and Microsoft.  He focuses on the creative aspects of game development, bridging the gap between digital and realistic gaming.


Steve "SGibs" Gibbons (@Sgibs7) lives in Boston and co-authors the "Official Player's Guide" for the Madden NFL and NCAA Football Series.  Along with fellow Game Changer Zach “ZFarls” Farley, Steve founded in 2008 before joining the Prima Games Madden team. The pair host a weekly online program, "This Week in Madden", which is still going strong after more than 70 episodes.


BuckeyeNation Represent! Casey is an Ohio boy that specializes in the Madden NFL series, NCAA Football, and first person shooters. He is a Community Leader with Dynasty League Gaming and also Content Producer for DLGtv. Online sports leagues are his passion as he spends most of his time trying to win by using strategy over stick skills. If you need him, he is on Twitter 24/7. Go Browns!  Let’s go!


Brian Parker is an EA SPORTS Game Changer originally from Maine—now living in Tulsa, OK—who joined the program in July 2010. He plays NCAA Football, Madden NFL, NHL, FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR, and SSX. He owns and writes Stat Box Stories ( and has previously attended Community Events for NCAA Football at EA Tiburon. You can follow him on Twitter at @Paakaa10.


Fred Parrow—better known by his Xbox360 Gamertag "Oblong"--is an old school and sim-minded gamer from Tennessee.  He has been an EA SPORTS Game Changer since February 2010.  Fred has won dozens of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR online tournaments and attended 7 Tiger Woods Community Day events at EA Tiburon and is a moderator on the EA forums.  You can follow Fred on Twitter with his username @xoblongx.


Devin Peden, better known as "Mole", is a 20 year old from Wisconsin and has been a member of the EA SPORTS Game Changers program since May 2010. He helps run providing the community with leagues for Madden NFL and NCAA Football, but also plays NHL, FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, and SSX. He moderates the EA Madden NFL Forums and has attended EA Community Day Events.  You can follow him on Twitter @Official_Mole.


David P. Johnson, PhD, (MadScientist06) is an EA SPORTS Game Changer located in Maryland. Dr. Johnson has been an EA SPORTS Game Changer since July 2010, but his association with EA SPORTS goes back almost a decade. One of the things he enjoys about being a Game Changer is being able to represent the gaming community and his first love is NCAA Football. Dr. Johnson owns a video game football fan site called MaddenMatrix ( You can find him on Twitter and Xbox Live as MadScientist06.


Kevin is an EA SPORTS Game Changer from Illinois who has been a part of the program since it began in February 2010. He plays NCAA Football, Madden NFL, NHL, FIFA Street, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour. You can follow him on Twitter @Kev5890. Feel free to send him a friend request on Xbox Live and challenge him in any sports title. His gamertag is "Kev5890".


cdj has been part of the EA SPORTS Game Changers since the group's inception. His favorite EA SPORTS title is NCAA Football, but you can find him online playing numerous EA and EA SPORTS games. cdj is the owner & an administrator at, a community site for NCAA Football, sports gaming, and gaming in general. You can follow cdj on Twitter with his username @cdj80.


Marc Rollins is one of the newest members of the EA SPORTS Game Changers joined the program in July of 2011 and has been an avid Madden NFL gamer since 1992.  He is a founding member of the “Madden Players of America” (MPOA) community.  When not playing Madden, Marc plays NBA Live 10 (still!), Tiger Woods PGA TOUR, and NCAA Football.  You can find him on Twitter at @MR21215 or on his blog “The Notorious B.L.O.G.” (


Dave Searles - a Mt. Laurel, NJ native - has been an avid sports gamer since 2002 and joined the EA SPORTS Game Changers in August 2011. A virtual gridiron veteran, his main interests lie with the Madden NFL, NCAA Football, and NFL Head Coach series. He frequents many gaming communities and has attended multiple Community Events for Madden NFL at EA Tiburon. Follow him on Twitter @RedZoneD25.


Jeff Setzer is a 37 year old who lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The "Sim Sherriff" has been playing EA SPORTS games since 1992. He's a dedicated Madden Online Franchise and NCAA Online Dynasty junkie. Jeff started Tradition Sports Online ( in 2009 and it has since grown into one of the largest online sports league based sites on the internet. You can catch up to Jeff on twitter @Rynoaid.


Coach Ruckus has been gaming for over 30 years. His passion for video games started back in the days of Pong and through the years evolved to today’s consoles. You might recognize Coach as the "Toilet Bowl Champ" from Madden Nation Season 3. Video games are an integral part of Steve's life; you can find him on Xbox Live (Coach Ruckus).  He spends the rest of his working hours running an online men’s magazine that covers dating, movies, and of course: video games.


I’m AA9skillz been a football fan my whole life, my favorite team is Benfica from Portugal.  Many years ago I picked up my first copy of FIFA I’ve been hooked ever since.  Started live streaming and YouTube to entertain and try to help people become better at the game in any way I could. I really enjoy video editing so it’s great that through my videos I’m able to share my hobby with people.


Shawn Drotar (@SDrotar_EAGC) possesses 15 years of national sports writing experience and has also spent over a decade covering sports video games.  From vantage points like ESPN and, he's seen the sports and gaming worlds merge. Now, as part of the Game Changers, Shawn looks forward to working with both gamers and developers in order to create better and more realistic sports experiences.


JordanofMadden is an EA SPORTS Game Changer from Queens New York.  He has been playing Madden for nearly two decades.  He is a co-founder of Madden Players of America which is an online community that runs many Madden Online Franchises.  He hopes to contribute to the program to improve the online gaming experience.  Find him on Twitter @jordanofmadden.


Derek (DRock450) has a passion for league gaming and is most well known as the founder of LeagueManager, the Madden NFL Online Franchise companion tool. He is now the Lead Developer at Dynasty League Gaming ( and is building tools to help revolutionize league gaming.  He became an EA SPORTS Game Changer in May 2011 and has attended Madden NFL community days.


Corey Andress—from Ontario Canada—has been an EA SPORTS Game Changer since July 2011. He enjoys all sports titles and has been a hardcore EA SPORTS player since 1992. Corey has also worked as a writer for various gaming websites - currently for and is the Editor-In-Chief of He previously attended the Tiger Woods Community Event in Orlando at EA Tiburon in 2011, and is an NBA Live Advisory Council member. Corey is an NBA, golf and MMA enthusiast, and can be found via Twitter @CoreySA.

Anton B

Anton Bland—XBL Gamertag: Anton B—is an EASPORTS Game Changer who hails out of Pennsylvania. He has been an EASPORTS Game Changer since it launched in February of 2010. He was part of the EA SPORTS Madden Challenge in 2008 and made it to the Semifinals before getting knocked out in Philadelphia. His game of choice is Madden NFL but he also likes to play NCAA Football, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR, FIGHT NIGHT and the FIFA series. You can find him on Twitter as @Anton32.


Steve Bobrovsky (LuGer33) is an EA SPORTS Game Changer and has been a part of the program since March 2010. A Philadelphia area native, he loves taking to the ice as the Flyers in the NHL series, to the field as the Eagles in Madden, and to the pitch as the Union in FIFA. As a Senior Moderator on the official forums, Steve spends most of his community time there, providing game feedback, answering questions, and assisting community members. You can contact him via private message on the forums (LuGer33).

SG dirtyburt

Jason Burt (@JasonDirtyBurt) is an alumnus of the University of Alabama who has 7 years experience reviewing sports video games for and As a member of the Game Changers, Jason looks forward to working with the community and developers to create the best sports video games on the market.


NatureBoy2323 has been an EA SPORTS Game Changer since August 2011. He is also a Senior Moderator on the EA SPORTS forums.  His favorite games are Madden NFL, NCAA Football, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR, NFL Blitz, NHL, and NBA JAM. You can follow him on Twitter at @NatureBoy2323, which is also his gamer tag for the 360 and PS3.


Tony Furstnau (@strongarm_playa) has been an EA SPORTS Game Changer since August 2011.

He is one of the newest members of the Game Changers and co-creator of an online gaming community called: Players Of America (, which is home to "MPOA" (Madden Players Of America). Tony looks forward to the opportunity given to him to work one on one with developers and other gamers to provide a better experience for all gamers on future titles.


Tommy Gschwend (gschwendt) is a founding member of The Gaming Tailgate ( which primarily covers the EA SPORTS NCAA Football series. He spends most of his gaming time with NCAA Football but can also be found playing Tiger Woods PGA TOUR. He's attended NCAA Football Community Events since 2009 and is always looking to help improve that series based on community feedback. You can find him on Twitter @gschwendt.


Brett is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a native of Houston, Texas. He joined the EA Sports Game Changer program in August of 2011 and enjoys playing NCAA Football, Madden NFL, FIFA and Tiger Woods PGA Tour.  Brett has been an Admin at Tradition Sports Online (http:// since June of 2009 and currently helps run the NCAA Football PS3 Online Leagues.  You can follow him on Twitter @HackGolfer04.


Ronnie (@Drifterbub) is a Mechanical Engineer for a Fortune 500 company and currently resides in Houston, TX. A student of sport philosophy, Ronnie appreciates the strategy in most sports. Ronnie has used his passion for sports and engineering mindset to help establish a "sim-style" gaming community at Tradition Sports Online. Ronnie's personal Online Dynasty is currently in its 46th season of existence, dating back to its inception in NCAA Football 2009.


Ryan Kendrick is an ex-high school football player, band manager, EA Forums Moderator, EA SPORTS Game Changer, and an avid video gamer. When not on the forums with the EA community, you can find Ryan on the virtual battlefield in BF3, saving the universe in Mass Effect 3, or playing his favorite sports games in the latest versions of Madden NFL or NCAA Football. You can follow him on Twitter at @OneEighth.


Matt Kyler (@MattRKyler) joined the EA SPORTS Game Changers program in April 2011. Hailing from Omaha, NE, he has attended several NCAA Football community events and looks forward to the re-emergence of the NBA Live franchise. With a focus on gameplay, he values the opportunity to provide valuable community feedback. Matt also posts at under the handle “Kwizzy”.


Rod Lane—NJROD—is an EA SPORTS Game Changer.  As a player, Rod started out on the PC version of the game and ended up ranked #3 in the world in the 1990s and was an original cast member of the reality series “Madden Nation.” Rod has hosted one of the biggest independent Madden tournaments ever in Rhode Island with over 600 participants. He has also done Madden events for hospitals, schools and on behalf of Eric LeGrand of Rutgers University.


Joborule joined the EA SPORTS Game Changer program when it launched in February 2010. For the past decade he has been active in the EA Community, and provides his vision on the future of Madden NFL and NHL. Having attended Community Events at both EA Tiburon and EA Canada, he continues to relay the voice of the gamers to the developers. You can follow him on Twitter @JosephLayne.


KOACHK (“Coach K”), who joined the program in August 2011, is the founder of Compete4ever Madden NFL leagues ( He has produced leading Madden NFL podcasts, was elected as a Madden NFL tournament community players’ rep, produces Madden NFL videos, and is co-commissioner of the Renegades. You can follow him on Twitter at @K0ACHK (Number zero for the letter O).


Ron Norris (SgtUSMC68) has been an EA SPORTS Game Changer since the summer of 2011.  He spent 18 years as a Hollywood stuntman, four years in the United States Marine Corps, and served three tours in Vietnam.  Since 1974, he has been a video gamer and loves NCAA Football, Madden NFL, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR, and SSX.  He can be found on Xbox Live at SGT USMC 68.


The quintessence of alpha geek, EA SPORTS Game Changer Shaun Mason is a software developer for a Fortune 500 automaker by day and the CTO of Tradition Sports Online ( by night. Married with four children, he enjoys silence, red meat and virtually any couch-based activity.  Find him on Facebook ( or follow him on Twitter (@shaunlmason).


Damon Peterson (@MPDamon) has spent more than 10 years in various programs helping the gaming community's voice reach game developers.  He was a part of the very first EA SPORTS community program and has been awarded four Xbox MVP awards. Damon has used his experience and learned how to successfully merge the gaming community with developers. 


David Schad is an EA SPORTS Game Changer from Atlanta, GA and has been in the program since June of 2011. He is an avid enthusiast of NCAA Football, Madden NFL, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour.  David’s passion for video games led him to Tradition Sports Online (, where he dedicates his time as a full-time staff member and a content contributor.  You can follow him on Twitter @Dschad52.


David Schultz joined the Game Changers in February 2010 and has focused most of his community efforts on the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR series. He co-founded The WiiGA Tour online golf league ( and is the creator of the fan site You can find David gaming online under the tag NoChinDeluxe and you can follow him on Twitter @NoChinDeluxe.


Kevin Vaughn—who can be found on Xbox Live as “Romo Timex9”—is an EA SPORTS Game Changer located in Texas. He has been part of the program since May 2010. Kevin plays NCAA Football, Madden NFL, NHL, and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR yearly. Kevin also runs, a website dedicated to sports gamers and news. You can follow Kevin on Twitter at @Romo_Timex9 and @MVPGamerz. 


Dougie Veney (@WhoIsDo) owns and has contributed to the gaming world from a writing standpoint the past six years.  While he specializes in sports games, you'll find him playing just about every genre there is.  Dougie looks forward to contributing to the NBA Live and other sports franchises for EA SPORTS moving forward.


Born and raised in Canada, Kory Wielenga (@KidShowtime) has a natural devotion to the EA SPORTS NHL series. His early roots in the Game Changers program were planted by way of EA SPORTS MMA and being a part of the initial launch of that franchise. Kory is a big proponent of community involvement and the large role that feedback plays in the development of the best that EA SPORTS has to offer.


Michael Amspaugh—known on XBL and PSN as “cccgolfer08”—is an EA SPORTS Game Changer residing in Indiana.  He is a recent graduate from Ball State University and has been a member of the Game Changers program since March 2010.  Michael’s expertise is the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR franchise and he has been to three Community Days at EA Tiburon in Orlando, FL.  Follow Michael on Twitter at @cccgolfer08.’’


Alex Barlow--also known as ALEXELWAY on the forums--is an avid gamer and a true Madden NFL fanatic.  He is also a Senior Moderator on the EA SPORTS forums who spends his time helping members, giving feedback on the games, and just generally conversing with the community.  Along with playing Madden NFL as often as he can, he also plays Battlefield 3.


What up ya'll, wepeeler in the HOUSE! Most of you know me as wepeeler, but I do have a real name: Rob. I've been making FIFA YouTube highlight videos since FIFA 06 and some people call me the Godfather of the FIFA Community. Not sure if it is because I was one of the first FIFA YouTube guys or because I'm an old man, haha. It's been a wonderful ride watching the community grow to what it has become today, and I look forward to it growing better each year. Please stop by my YouTube channel to watch a wide variety of FIFA videos, including compilations, commentaries and humorous FIFA fails. As always, appreciate each and every one of you! Thanks for watching!


What is up guys! This is Jackattack45 here! And I might seem like a broken record, but I do say that at the start of every video. Anyways, I wanted to let you all know a bit more about me. If you have not guessed already, my name is Jack and my favorite number happens to be 45. I started making Youtube videos in 2009 with a bit of success, but when I discovered FIFA in May 2011 and started making videos I went a bit crazy. Since then, I have been producing just about daily FIFA content over on my Youtube channel and loving every bit of it. You could say FIFA is my passion and I would say that is an understatement. If you enjoy watching FIFA or just enjoy listening to a random American mispronounce names, then I am sure you will love my channel. Stop on over and say FIFA sent you! This has been Jackattack45 signing out! PEACE!


Hey guys this is Daniel and I go by the YouTube air name of "TheDanielsaurus"! I have been a football (or soccer) fan for my entire life, and love everything about the beautiful game including playing it since I was a little kid. I decided not to play football in college competitively, but in my free time starting in January of 2011, I decided to start making YouTube videos about my favorite game: FIFA. I started to find a lot of success about 6 months into it, and I have been plugged into the FIFA community ever since and have met so many great people through it! If you'd like to see some of my work, check out my YouTube channel! I started my channel as Ultimate Team videos, but now I do mostly Career Mode videos with a dash of other game modes in FIFA. If you guys watch any videos, I hope you all enjoy the content! Thanks!


What’s going on guys, I am Japes, or airjapesfifa on YouTube, Twitter, and every other social media outlet, a former collegiate footballer here in the U.S. of A, who became a devoted FIFA player after transferring schools and having far more time on my hands.  I started making FIFA vids in the summer of 2011 in order to help people enjoy FIFA as much as I do, and to see if a world audience would listen to me talk about what I love most, which is football! I am an avid Bayern Munich supporter, and am more than happy to answer any questions that people may have.  So, stop by my channel or catch me on twitter, and I will gladly speak to you there!


Hey guys I'm Callum or 'Calfreezy' as some people know me over the internet. I honestly wish I could tell you where I was 'from' but I've moved around all my life and lived in places such as Vietnam, Russia, Egypt, England and Scotland. I'm a Liverpool fan and have been since I could string the letters 'YNWA' together. As far as FIFA goes I've been playing it for a long time and since 2011 I've been making regular FIFA videos in the attempt to pass on the knowledge I've picked up and pass it on to you guys. Since making these videos I've been heavily involved within the FIFA community through my Youtube channel, Twitter & Facebook. If you have any questions or want to contact me, hit me up on my Twitter or Youtube Channel. See you guys around.


What’s up guys, my name is Brad and I go by “Scruggs” on Youtube! I am one of 3 people on our channel called FifaTipzHD. It is me, my twin brother Brian (who also goes by Scruggs), and our good friend Christian who goes by “Sponny” on Youtube. I began playing FIFA in 2010, and after all 3 of us watched FIFA videos on Youtube, we felt that we could team up and run a successful channel! All my life I have been into sports. In high school I was a very successful tennis player and I currently play at the collegiate level. FIFA has made me watch and play football (or soccer) on a regular basis, and I have been playing recreationally for over a year now. Aside from sports and video games, I am going to school to get my bachelors in Pre-Med with an emphasis in Biology. After I get my degree I plan on attending medical school and becoming a doctor, hopefully specializing in sports medicine. Feel free to stop by our channel for a wide variety of FIFA content and follow us on Twitter @FifaTipzHD!


Hey guys! My name is Brian and I'm one of the three that run the channel FifaTipzHD. For those who follow our channel, I am "Scruggs" (along with my twin brother Brad). Sponny, who is also a part of our channel is a friend who we have known through high school and met through playing tennis. All three of us have gone on to play tennis collegiality and have had great success. I started playing FIFA when FIFA 10 came out and have been hooked to the series ever since. Producing videos and entertaining people has always been something I enjoy doing and through FIFA and YouTube, it has really given me an excellent place to do so. I currently attend a University in America and am working on my degree in pre-medicine with the ambition of attending medical school after to become a doctor. Feel free to get to know us all a little better by following us on twitter or subscribing on YouTube at FifaTipzHD!


Hey what's up guys Sponny here from FifatipzHD on Youtube. Our channel is run by three people, myself, and Brian and Brad Scruggs. They are brothers and we all grew up together playing competitive, and collegiate tennis together. I became very intrigued with FIFA when I bought FIFA 10, and ever since then it's pretty much the only game I play. I play on the Xbox 360 and my gamer tag is Sponny. I am always open to playing anyone who offers! As our Youtube channel name says, we like to make FIFA videos that not only entertain viewers, but can also help them while they play FIFA! We are very excited to be a part of EA Sports Gamechangers and hope to be a big part of the program. So check us out on Youtube and follow us on Twitter.