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Make a Blockbuster Transfer

Like Gareth Bale in real life, you too can make a blockbuster move in the Transfer Market. From your favourite player to your favourite kits, the Transfer Market has any and every item you could possibly want for your squad. The best thing about the Transfer Market is that it’s always open and accessible from your console, via the FUT Web App on your PC, or on your mobile phone with the EA SPORTS Football Club Companion App!


When you’ve spotted an item you want on the Transfer Market, you see the bid price escalate depending on its demand. As the transfer deadline looms, don’t be surprised when last-second bids start appearing. If a last-second bid is placed, the time remaining in the listing will increase, giving bidders another chance to win that player.

Last-second bidding can be tense! Just when you thought you have secured your item, another user can outbid you at the last moment. A good piece of advice is to not get too invested in last-second bidding and avoid spending more than you’re initially willing to pay for that player. Try and have a good idea of how many coins you want to spend on an item and if the bid exceeds that, move on to the next bid!