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Good Commish Tips

This guide will help give you some tips on how to be a good Commissioner in NCAA® Football 13 Online Dynasty mode. As the Commish you run the show, and a great one can really keep things moving along and make the mode fun for everyone. So take a look, not all of these will guarantee your Online Dynasty will be the best ever, but they sure won't hurt!

  • Try to set a regular schedule for week advances. This keeps people moving and the action constantly going. Use the Dynasty Description to let people know when you plan on advancing.
  • If you are setting up a Public Dynasty, make sure your Dynasty Description gives people an idea of what you are looking for. For example, "Only Big 12 teams", or "2 Star or lower, Week advance every 2 days."
  • Try and knock out the Off-season all in one night; it helps keep the Dynasty moving along. Keep in mind everyone can chat while in the Dynasty Menus, so you can let everyone know how you just signed the number one prospect.
  • Weekly Recap and Game Recap stories don't need to be all you have on the Dynasty Wire. Take highlights and photos from other stories and create any and everything you can think of. Some great examples are Pre-Season Predictions, Heisman Races, Conference Marquee Matchups, etc. The list goes on and on. The more stories you have, the more it shows you have a healthy and active Dynasty.

Dynasty Wire Story Ideas

Need some ideas for what types of Stories to write for your Dynasty Wire? Well you found the place:

  • Key Weekly Matchups: Take some images and videos from previous games and build a preview for next week's games. You can create some really compelling Player vs. Player stories by stringing together some great photos they had in previous games.
  • Heisman Watch: Is your player top on the list(or in the running)? Let everyone know! Even better, you can put a bunch of his highlights up in one story.
  • Best Highlights of the Year: You can take highlights from anyone's game in your dynasty...so take a peek and if you like a few, make them into your own highlight reel.
  • Recruiting: Just signed a top recruit? Let everyone know. A simple story with a cool photo goes a long way.

Custom Scheduling Tips

Setting up Custom Schedules can be a painstaking process, but do it right and you'll have all kinds of head-to-head games no matter what conferences people choose to play in. Here are some things to keep in mind when making changes:

  • If you have teams spread out across the NCAA, use custom conferences to maximize Player vs. Player games. They're the most fun, right?
  • Try to establish a home, and home series among the players in your Dynasty. That means you alternate each year who gets the home game. Switch every year to keep things fair.
  • Keep note of how many home games each player has early in the season. You want to give everyone a chance to schedule some in home visits early and not make them wait.
  • Use the Comments on the Pre-Season Story to let everyone in the Dynasty have a say on who they play. Nothing is better than built-in rivalries before the season even starts.