EA - Tiburon, home to many popular titles under the EA SPORTS label, including Madden NFL Football and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Golf, is located in the heart of Orlando, Florida. The campus has a family-like feel, housing nearly 700 employees at a scenic facility with lakefront views and lush green spaces.

The studio features state-of-the-art photography and audio studios, and there are many perks for employees to enjoy, including a gourmet café, free cereal and coffee bars, a complimentary DVD and game library, and a mix of classic arcade game consoles, just for fun. Employees also enjoy access to the area’s leading fitness center just next door, known for its high-end classes and equipment, as well as esteemed clientele, including professional athletes from area teams. Or, they can take on the challenge of joining one of EA - Tiburon’s in-house sports leagues for football, basketball, volleyball and more.

EA - Tiburon joined the EA SPORTS label in 1998, just four years after it opened its doors as the independent Tiburon Entertainment, and now boasts titles such as Madden NFL Football, NCAA Football, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Golf, and NBA JAM. Always innovating, the studio re-released NFL Blitz in 2012, an update from the acclaimed arcade version of years past.

Our Values

Be Bold

What must we do to transform our industry?

  • Go Big
  • Take the right risks
  • Lead and defend our actions

Think Consumers First

What must we do to grow our business?

  • Listen and respond
  • Deliver beyond their expectations
  • Build lifetime customers

Create Quality and Innovation

What must we do to delight our customers?

  • Deliver products and services that surpass expectations
  • Be relentless about improving quality
  • Take creative risks

Act with Integrity

What must we do to build trust?

  • Do the right thing
  • Trust others and support their decisions
  • Be transparent

Be Accountable

What must we do to win?

  • Deliver on commitments
  • Always do what we say
  • Play our positions
  • Deliver and reward results

Learn and Grow

What must we do to make ourselves better?

  • Work hard, play hard
  • Develop yourselves and others
  • Measure your improvement
  • Share knowledge generously

Life in Orlando

For those who love to shop, Orlando is home to over 52 million-square-feet of retail space, from major entertainment complexes and sprawling outlets and trendy malls selling luxury goods, to antique shops and farmers markets. With an abundance of nightclubs, restaurants and bars, downtown Orlando comes alive at night with the sounds of an urban metropolis. Orange Avenue, Church Street, Magnolia Street, Central Boulevard, Pine Street and Thornton Park offer a host of nightlife options for any taste and budget.

Guide to Orlando

Festivals and Events in Orlando

Orlando is home to one of the country's most prestigious film festivals, the Florida Film Festival. But that's not the only way to celebrate the arts here.

Orlando Entertainment and Nightlife

Orlando attracts more than 50 million tourists each year thanks in large part to three of the world’s most famous theme parks. Learn about them here.

Where to Eat and Shop in Orlando

Orlando may not have the cultural scene of its Miami neighbors to the south, but there are still a number of great options for eating, shopping, and drinking.

Where to Watch and Play Sports in Orlando

Experience Orlando's diverse sports scene, which includes an NBA franchise, Arena Football League powerhouse, and some of the country's best golf.

Studio Teams

  • Madden +

    For 24 years, the Madden NFL franchise has been embraced by its fans, honored by critics and envied by rivals. It has endured the test of time and satisfied a demanding public like no other game in history. It’s been recognized as ‘the game the players play,’ ‘the benchmark in sports video gaming,’ and ‘the number one selling football video game in history’, with over 90 million units sold-in worldwide.

  • Football +

    For the last 19 years, Electronic Arts has developed its NCAA Football franchise into a must-have title for every college football fan, selling more than 23 million units to date. From fight songs to letterman patches to mascots, EA SPORTS maximizes its partnership with the NCAA and the CLC to bring the most authentic college football gameplay experience to college football fanatics and sports gamers.

  • NBA +

    The NBA Live franchise takes its roots from classic EA Basketball games such as Lakers versus Celtics, Bulls versus Blazers, and NBA Showdown. The Live series became an EA staple in 1995 and to this day, EA SPORTS continues to rewrite the book on authenticity and connectivity while staying accessible enough for new users. At the heart of the Live experience is Dynamic DNA, emulating - with absolute precision - an NBA player in every sense of the word.

  • Tiger Woods Golf +

    Since 1986, EA has produced a quality golf game that gives casual and hardcore gamers the ability to hit the links against famous golfers past and present. Since acquiring its exclusive partnership with the PGA TOUR and the world’s best and most famous golfer, Tiger Woods, the golf franchise’s success has skyrocketed. The Tiger Woods franchise is the only golf video game partnered with the PGA TOUR.

  • EA SPORTS Online +

    The EA Sports Online division is responsible for easports.com, which is a unique, persistent, multi-platform opportunity to become the center of your own online sport play experience. Work with game teams like Madden, Tiger Woods Golf and FIFA Soccer which extend your playing experience beyond the console and onto the web. The EA SPORTS Online Console team is a central group that develops core client technology (Online Software Development Kit), which is then integrated by all Sports titles to enable cutting edge online features.

  • SPORTS Marketing +

    The EA SPORTS Marketing teams are responsible for creating and executing go-to-market strategy for award-winning titles like Madden NFL, FIFA, NCAA Football, NBA LIVE, and NHL. Working closely with the development teams, leagues, licensors, and partners throughout the sporting arena, the Marketing teams manage messaging across several mediums, including packaging, retail, online, social, mobile, and television, while creating and developing partnership programs and maintaining the look, feel, voice, and tone of the EA SPORTS brand.

  • Central SPORTS Teams +

    There are numerous Central Teams within EA SPORTS that make game development possible and contribute significantly to the overall quality of our games. This includes, but is not limited to: Development and Release Engineering is responsible for providing automated development and release engineering services to client game teams. Core Technology which provides common cross platform technologies for the EA Sports Label, and Artworks, the central content creation group for the EA Sports Label, developing high end visual content (characters, environments, props, FX, lighting, etc.).