EA SPORTS UFC – Road to the Octagon

By EA SPORTS Staff Jun 4, 2013

We’re just two weeks away from E3 and although EA SPORTS UFC is early in development, our dev team can’t wait to share some more news with you.

Each day for the next eight days, we’ll update this blog with a new image from the real-world of the UFC teasing one of the eight EA SPORTS UFC gameplay features we’ll reveal during E3. Can you guess them all?

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This is the EA SPORTS UFC: Road to the Octagon!

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Day 1: Witness the Effort

Day 2: One perfect _____ could change the fight

Day 3: One good shot can ruin your day

Day 4: Reinvent the ground game

Day 5: Smarter Opponents. Tougher Fight.

Day 6: No more plastic action figures.

Day 7: Every step counts. Every movement matters.

Day 8: Enough with the teasing! Check out the first in-game render from EA SPORTS UFC, featuring Benson Henderson!